Mechanism for attracting and sponsoring incoming students for postgraduate programs


1.     Introducing postgraduate programs in Arabic and English on the university’s website.

2.     Making the student guide available in Arabic and English.

3.     Activating hybrid education based on distance education and practical education, including attending lectures and scientific lessons, to enable international students to follow study programs if they are at their country.

4.     A proposal to establish an office for international students with the aim of promoting the attraction of students from abroad for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

5.     Introducing the academic staff of faculty members who hold distinguished academic degrees and who have received international and local scientific awards.

6.     Ensuring to measure and evaluate students’ satisfaction with teaching and learning mechanisms and the speed of responding to their existing requirements and working to solve their problems.

7.     Organizing meetings to welcome new incoming students to introduce them to the university and encourage cultural dialogue between different nationalities.

8.     Inviting officials concerned with student exchange and cultural representation at the Arab and African embassies to visit the university and college.

9.     Facilitating the residence of foreign students in the university city and providing all amenities and transportation to and from the university.

10. Assigning professors working at the college and those delegated on scientific missions to promote the college’s study programs in the various countries in which they are located.

  11. Announcing distinguished models of those who have obtained various degrees in postgraduate studies.

12. Introducing the college’s adoption of the standard academic reference standards issued by the National Authority. To ensure the quality of education and accreditation for the postgraduate level, and to describe programs and courses accordingly.