Prof. Dr. Ayman Noreddin,

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Vice President for Research & International Relations – Ahram Canadian University.

"Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ahram Canadian University. Our faculty has established its vision within the scope of contemporary, world-wide challenges and competitions in both local and global pharmaceutical market. Here, we are all committed to graduate well educated, qualified, competent and patient-oriented pharmacists who are able to meet the growing needs of the labor market. In order to keep up with the varied array of pharmaceutical career opportunities, our faculty incorporated the “Pharm D” and the “Pharm D Clinical” undergraduate programs. These programs provide informative and experiential curricula that cope with the dynamic and renovating pharmacy profession world-wide".

"Our mission is achieved through our distinguished faculty members and experienced staff who excel to provide our privileged students with their limitless efforts and time, helping them to develop a unique and successful future. We are dedicated to reaching excellence in education, research, as well as participation in community services. This is being realized with the help of our resources that create an encouraging learning environment for our students".

"In light of the university's keenness to internationalize globally aiming to graduate pharmacists with local and international experience, our university has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between faculty of Pharmacy – Alberta University (Canada) and faculty of Pharmacy – University of Colorado (United States of America). These cooperative agreements provide featured joint students’ exchange programs and dual degrees. Such opportunity renders our graduates featured professionals among their peers. Moreover, our faculty is seeking to expand worldwide for additional cooperative agreements with highly ranked universities in Europe, Asia and Africa".

"In addition, our faculty’s contribution to the external society is always realized via continuous connection with our alumni, aiming to help them in facing challenges along their future career. Furthermore, we continue to provide distinctive services to the external pharmaceutical community. This is achieved via the "Pharmaceutical Consultation and Services Center" at our faculty which offers various training workshops and pharmaceutical consultations with the aid of our special faculty members, advanced resources and laboratory equipment".   

"Actually, I am honored to be a member of this exceptional educational environment that is expanding our scopes in various areas of life. We work sustainably to enhance our capabilities to offer the best educational experience to our faculty members, students, and alumni. I hope that you enjoy your virtual visit to our faculty and we are looking forward to welcoming you to be a part of this organization".


With warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Ayman Noreddin.